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Cold Storage 冷凍倉儲
Inventory Management 庫存管理
Delivery by Refrigerated Trucks 冷凍貨物配送服務
Air Port pick up services 機場提貨


Cold Storage 冷凍倉儲:

We have a 17,000 square feet warehouse with 3 compartments:  

Freezer compartments:   for seafood, meat, and frozen foodstuff.

Chiller compartments:      for fruits, vegetables, eggs.

Dry compartments:           for sauce, wine and red wine. 

There is a total capacity to handle 1000 pallets or approximately 40,000-50,000 cases of product.




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Inventory Management 庫存管理:

End-to-end inventory management.

Ordering & invoicing services

In-store replenishment and stock checking service





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Delivery by Refrigerated Trucks 冷凍貨物配送服務:

Delivery to supermarket central warehouse.

Local Distribution,  Door or office delivery 

Airport pick up and delivery services.

ETAK have a fleet of  over 20 trucks ranging from 5.5 mt to 24mt GVW, most of which are refrigerated. Distribution is handled by the refrigerated trucks, and we deliver 7 days a week throughout Hong Kong, Kowloon, New Territories and the surrounding areas and average more than 1000 deliveries per day.

We have delivery to the central warehouse of Park n Shop, wellcome, City Super, 7-eleven, Circle K, Watsons, and Manning. 




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Air port pick up 機場提貨:


Air port pick up services 機場提貨

And Value-added services 增值服務:

      Container stuffing and unstuffing services. 

      Import and local stock in management.

      Labeling, repacking and stamping.

      Advertisings on the truck body.






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