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ETAK is the leading Hong Kong based provider of logistics services and supply chain solutions that caters to a wide range of local and regional corporations. 

We have developed a well organized cold chain storage and distribution facilities to meet our customers need.  

We pride to offer a full-service for food distribution with:

Cold Storage Services 冷凍倉儲服務,

Complete Inventory 庫存管理, 

Refrigerated Truck Distribution 冷凍貨物配送服務,

Air Port Pick Up Services 機場提貨服務,

Value-added Services 增值服務.  

Our customers involved a list of HACCP companies and we deliver from a range of food products to the most sensitive temperature controlled products.

We Provide End to End Logistics Service:

Specially equipped facilities and transport for a universal range of cold foodstuffs, providing temperature controlled environments, including the warehouse and refrigerated trucks.

Providing advanced climate control equipment to monitor all of the food and beverage products.

Meeting consumer demand for importing foodstuffs from China and other countries. We have our own cold chain infrastructure to transport, store & distribute temperature sensitive food and beverage products.

Providing continual quality control monitoring to ensure prime condition of food and beverage products.

Goods are handled at ETAK Logistics Warehouse and monitored by Quality Control Officer and stored in a climate-controlled environment ready for delivery to supermarket, restaurants and hotels.

Special storage and handling requirements for wine & champagne throughout the supply chain.




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